In 2010 Jenn J Lee picked up the sport of Stand-Up-Paddling as a mode of transportation to her job as a surf instructor in Waikiki.  With a background in competitive equestrian, snow, water, and combat sports, it was a great fit for her mentally and physically.  

Just months after she learned how to paddle she found herself placing 2nd in her age group at Battle of the Paddle, Hawaii.  From there she dove head first into the paddling scene by paddling the challenging 40 mile stretch solo from Catalina Island to Dana Point in March during a storm and then followed it up 2 days later by doing it again as a 2 woman relay team and winning the division.  Three months later she came in 3rd in Molokai 2 Oahu's Solo Stock SUP Division.  In the past 8 years with numerous elite finishes Jenn has proven that she is a mainstay in the elite women's SUP scene.  In 2018 she became the first person ever to compete in 3 solo world championship level Kaiwi Channel crossings on 3 different watercraft.  

Jenn is known in particular for her mental/physical tenacity and toughness as well as her work ethic.  Having been born into a family with a long athletic and military tradition it is no mystery where it comes from.  Her best race distances are 1 mile, and races 1-3 hours in length, although many would argue her most inspiring feats have been in the face of adversity at longer distances.    

Outside of training and racing, Jenn is an avid outrigger canoe paddler, surfer, SUP surfer, surf and SUP coach as well as personal trainer.  Her favorite part of her work is getting to teach surfing and SUP to those who serve others and our country.  Out of the water Jenn holds an MA from UC Berkeley and enjoys helping rehabilitate sick and injured animals.